Car Rental Conditions

Included in the rental price:
There is an unlimited mileage free of charge if you change the duration of the rental, possibly there will be a charge in the free mileage. Furthermore, there might be a charge in the cost of every extra mile/ kilometer.

Not included in the rental price:
Local charges
These can be seen at the counter of the office referring to the delivery points, the driver and the places you will be visiting.

Cancellation of a fully paid reservation/booking:
If you cancel within 72 hours of receiving the car, the money you have paid will be refunded
Minus the cost of 3 days rental. If you keep the car for less than 3 days there will be no extra charge, but you will not get a refund back. If you fail to appear at the agreed hour and date or if you don't have all the necessary documents, or if you don't have a credit card with enough available amount in it, you could be refused to be given the car. If this happens then:
a. If you could make out a document of objection to the rental company, the money you have paid should be returned minus the cost of 3 days.
b. if you don't write out a document or don't contact the company to negotiate a solution there will not be a refund at all.

Non appearance is when:
a. you wish to cancel but you failed to inform the company before the rental arrangement date.
b. If you failed to get the car at the agreed hour and date.
c. If you didn't show the necessary documents to get the car or
d. You were unable to provide a credit card in the name of the driver with a sufficient amount for the payment.
In all these cases you will not receive any kind of refund for the money you have paid.
The car rental company maintains the right to refuse giving a car to a customer who doesn't arrive on time with all the necessary documents or doesn't have a sufficient amount of money in his credit card for the payment. In that case, if there hasn't been a cancellation for the rental beforehand, the customer will not receive a refund.
You may make any changes for the booking of your car before the delivery date. If you have to make a change or cancellation when the delivery time is less than 48 hours, click to booking management at the top of the page. Please make sure that you provide us with your flight number and not some other number like confirmation of booking. We cannot be considered responsible in the case you don't receive your car due to problems of your flight. You can get in touch with your airline and ask them for compensation.

Information about guarantee and responsibility coverage:
All rental cars must have liability for damages and theft protection.
Both policies should:
a. be included in your booking package with Visit Paros Car Rental
b. be purchased by the car rental company
c. be provided by the credit card company of the client.

The car rental company will ask you for the price of 200 euro as down payment guarantee when you are given the car. This amount will be returned after rental, providing you are subject to the conditions. The liability price for damages is 500 euro plus taxes. Due to fluctuations of exchange rates and other possible banking charges, the car rental company cannot be considered responsible for any difference between the price paid and the price returned/ refunded product Liability with exemption of Visit Paros Car Rental does not exempt you for:
a. Repairs, roadside assistance or other services that have not been authorized by the car rental company.
b. Cleaning fees or damage to the inside of the car (except if it was caused by collision)
c. Damage/loss of baby seats, GPS devices or other extras in equipment.
All drivers must abide to the conditions of rentals. Liability for damage will not return your money for any cost that occurred under circumstances where these conditions were violated including dangerous driving, wrong fueling or drunk driving. Liability for damage reduces the responsibility of the driver in case the rented car breaks down. Instead of the whole / total cost the driver is generally responsible only for the first part known as "self-participation. "Please take special notice and read the conditions carefully when signing a contract so as to be well informed of any exceptions. These usually include: windshields, crystal glass, rims, tires, lower parts of the car, inside personal belongings, towing fees, off road driving, extra equipment, baby seats and GPS devices. Your coverage will not be valid due to wrong fueling, drunk driving or drug substances.

Management Fees:
Damages to the car will be charged by the rental company when you return the car. The charges will be a loss management fee extra to the amount that is reduced from responsibility fee. An immobilization fee is obligatory and paid in case of an accident. This is an extra charge and the amount is estimated by the category of the car and the number of days needed to be repaired.

Full tank to full tank
When you receive the car, the tank will be full or half full. You will pay a guarantee that covers the amount of fuel. The office staff will hold this amount from your credit card. Please make sure to refuel the car before returning it.

Extra Services (paid at the office)
After hour services
If you contact us to change the delivery hours or returning hours at a time when our office is closed, ( for example, change of plans or some kind of delay ) You cannot change through the internet as we must personally check to see if one of our staff members can be at the office for you. If this happens, of course you will be charged extra. This cost comes up to ...euro.

Boundary and Limit Rules:
Clients whose plans include driving the car to other nearby islands of the region, must inform Visit Paros Car Rental, before getting their car. There might be restrictions for certain places that will require you to have full responsibility of bringing the car back to its base in case of an accident. Please note that taking the car out of the island of Paros is not allowed with this particular car rental company.

Deliveries and Receipts:
After previous agreement the car rental company may agree to deliver the car at the beginning if the rental time. The cost is paid immediately at the time of signing the contract. The cost of this service will be confirmed right after you have made the booking and we have confirmed the car with the company son it can be allowed.

Rental Cars. Com Important information To make sure you have understood fully the rules and regulations for driving a rented car within or outside a country abroad, it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before going to get your car. Specifically, we ask you to be well informed about the documents and other papers you need to have with you (driver's license, identification card, passport, credit card) and also to know what exactly you will be asked to pay at the rental office. If you do not have all the necessary documents the car rental company may refuse to give the car. Please read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions well in advance.
Upon receiving the car, the car rental company will ask you to sign the contract. Make sure
You have read it carefully and if there is something you don't understand fully, don't hesitate to discuss it with the company BEFORE your signature. If you are not fully pleased or
Satisfied with certain terms, discuss it with the company on the spot before signing. If you have any questions or if you come across any problems with the car, please contact us immediately. You will find our telephone numbers on the contract form. Any other help you may need please contact us.

Other important information
Accidents or Damage/Breakdown
In case of an accident, breakdown or mechanical problem, you should call our company immediately. We will proceed to acknowledge the damage or repair needed or even replace the car. Please hold on to all documents and copies of papers which you will have to fill in. These documents will be necessary to you in case you want to claim money afterwards. For accidents a police report and an incident report will have to be shown at the car rental office.

Roadside Assistance
Most car rental companies will provide you with roadside assistance for which you might have to pay for as an extra charge. Please check to see that you have all the documents for this case. Usually they can be found in the glovebox or the driver's awning.
Loss of Keys
If you happen to lose the car keys, you will have to pay the cost of new ones.

Seat Belts
In any country you may be driving, driver and other passengers in the car must wear seat belts. You should also know that for all cars there is a policy of Non Smoking. A fine will be charged if this policy is neglected. The prices of car rental are based on the agreed hours and dates of delivery and returning back the car. If you choose to take the car later or return it sooner, there is no refund of money for the unused time.
A client/ customer may choose to take a different car instead of the one reserved for him. If this happens, there might be an extra cost of insurance or charge, even if the new car is smaller than the original agreed. If you are encountered in an accident and the car is turned upside down, you may be asked to pay an additional charge. Cancellation of car rental with deposit prepaid
If you cancel less than 72 hours before renting date, you will receive a refund MINUS either the deposit or the cost of 3 days car rental, whichever of the two is the highest sum. If you had booked the car for less than 3 days, there will be no extra charge but you will not receive any money back.

Terms concerning driver's license
When obtaining your car, the main driver as well as any other possible driver, must bear with them a driver's license in their own name. All drivers must have a license that is valid for at least one year. We do not accept a Chinese driver's license or any official translation of it. Drivers from the United Kingdom who own the new driver's license with the photo should also have the relevant driving permit and the card with the photograph. For all non-European Citizens and those whose national driver's license isn't in Latin characters must have an International driver's license.

Documents of Identification
A passport is needed.
Coupon/Electronic Coupon
The confirmation of your booking which will be sent to your e-mail address will be your coupon which is proof that the booking of your car was made in the name of the main driver. When receiving your car, the company will ask either for a copy of your coupon or an e-voucher. If these are not shown the company maintains the right to refuse giving the car to the client until proof of the booking is provided. Or if the specific booking is not classified in the company's system, the booking will have to be done from the beginning and charged again.

Age requirements
The minimum age of a driver is 24 and this will be the same for all other possible drivers.

Arrival details If you are travelling by plane please send us your flight number so we can send it to the car company (ideally at least 3 days before the car rental) You can give us your flight number when booking a car.